St Mary's Roman Catholic Voluntary Aided Primary School


Central Avenue, Newton Aycliffe, Co. Durham, DL5 5NP

01325 300339

Guided by faith, nurtured through love, inspired to achieve.
As witnesses to Jesus and enriched by the Holy Spirit, St Mary's Catholic Primary School is a respectful, caring and embracing family. We celebrate and share our Catholic faith together, recognising the uniqueness and potential of all. The values and learning that are nurtured in our school enable achievement in education and beyond.


Staff at St Mary’s RC Primary for the Academic Year 2017 - 2018


Headteacher                                                      Mrs A Sowden

Deputy Headteacher                                      Mrs D Hargreaves (Y6)

Senior Teachers                                                Ms A Miles (Y4)

                                                                               Miss J Wills (Y2)  - SENDCo


Class Teachers                                                   Mrs R Jones (Reception)     

                                                                                Mrs A Bennett (Y1)

                                                                                Mrs L Brown (Y3) 

                              Mr A Robinson (Y5)

                                                                                Mrs C Clausen (PPA)     


 Higher Level Teaching Assistants              Mrs M Matthews (KS1)            

                                                                                Mrs G Mason ( KS1)                                                                  

                                                                                Mrs B Minns (Y3/4)                                                               

                                                                                Mrs L Machin (Y5/6)      


Teaching Assistants                                         Ms A Foster (Y1)

                                                                                Mrs R Davies (Y2)                     

                                                                                Ms K Wise (Y4)

                                                                                Mrs R Gibson (Y5/6)                                              

                                                                                Mrs H Moran (Y5/6)   


PSA                                                                        Mrs E Kengyelics  


Secretary                                                             Mrs A Hall 


 Lunchtime Supervisors                                                                                 

                                                                                Mrs J Boys                                                   

                                                                                Mrs K Maguire

                                                                                Mrs J Darnell       

                                                                                Mrs R Hodgson   


Kitchen                                                                 Mrs N Wilkinson                                           



Caretaker                                                             Mr N Wheatley


Cleaner                                                                 Ms A Simpson